Watsapp.Direct- Use whatsapp efficiently. Get whatsapp link ,see sender's location, get chat widget, see visitor report and much more.


Start using Watsapp efficiently


Get 3x leads

As per feedback, our customers who are now using Whatsapp Direct link in their social media posts instead contact number have been experiencing a increment of 3 times in their online leads.

Get Your WhatsApp Link

Business owners could get a personalized link from our website, with that link any could message them with just a click, without even saving their contact number. They could put the link on their social media profiles and pages. This saves time and opportunities both!

See Location Of Message Sender.

See detailed visitor report with location(City and Country). Helpful to understand the reach of your business as well as to see if the lead you just got is fake or true.

Refferal website

See where your customers are finding your Whatsapp link(Fb, Instagram, Twitter, or any other website) Helpful to strategize your social media campaigns. Suppose if you are getting more leads from Instagram, then you should be concentrating more on Instagram than facebook and twitter.

Whatsapp Chat Widget For Website

Get Click to chat Whatsapp widget to put on their website, so visitors could WhatsApp you straight from your website. As we know once you get a text from someone on WhatsApp; we get connected with them for a lifetime. A good hack to build your broadcast list, isn't it?

Summerise all links in a single page

You can activate a splash page, which will show upon clicking the Whatsapp link with the option to visit Website, message on WhatsApp or call directly.Pretty useful, isn't it?