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Hi,I am Aman

Unlike other 'About us' pages this one is not going to be a professional one.I am writing this with my heart because I have built all these with my heart and doing this with heart.
We are a small and passionate team working hard to build useful and innovative IT tools and products. We as a startup won't be able to move forward without your support. We love to connect, interact and collaborate with people belongs to or working in the same industry. As they say 'If you wanna go far, go together'; hold our hand if you are on the same path and towards the same destination.

In my mind

Sky is the limit

In fact today our reach is beyond the sky, we have reached to the moon, aren't we? So technically there are no limits anymore. Whether you want to dive into the deep sea or fly in the high sky, everything is possible.

Do it now.

Life is short, isn't it? We cant afford to waste time. But that doesn't mean you should start weight-lifting before stretching, if you know what I mean.

Dreams come true

Yes they do but only if you were awake while dreaming..